Sunday, 14 June 2015

手牵手 ~~

Ohhaiyooooo~ I believe everyone know Sora is involved in the new drama 手牵手[Hand in Hand] which will be debut on 24 September onwards ^_^ And here are some pics and videos that we want to share ~ :)

敬业的Sora...The touching & emotion scenes...awwww ~ T__T ... Are you like us looking forward to watch this drama  too?We are looking forward as well too..  看她在这部戏带来感动内心戏~~~咱们一起期待着 ~ ^^ [Pic credit to Lye Lin] 

Photos credit from Toggle
Get to know more about Sora's role in this drama ~ check it out here - Hand in Hand

Do also check it out the video ~ ~ :) ^_^ She talk about her role in the drama as well :D  -Hand in Hand Media 

So do check it out this drama! :) Hand - in - Hand debuts on 24 September 9pm on Channel 8! :D 

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