Sunday, 15 February 2015

Update for Feburary!!

Hey people!! How’s your February? It’s been a great February for us though, since there were 2 events we got to enjoy with our dear Sora!! The 1st event is the recording for 爱上Giant过肥年2015 and the 2nd is a promotion for F&N drinks.

The1st event was a full day event and boy, was it tiring, given that it started from 10:30 till evening. Though it must be say, that you must watch the show in order to see all the best parts!! However the 2nd event was equally awesome, though it must be said that it wasn’t great getting pelted by vegetables!! Haha~!!

Anyways, here are some photos for all of you to see and enjoy!! With that, I wish you all a early Happy Chinese New Year!! Enjoy the rest of your February!!


Photos: Elvin Tian