Saturday, 21 November 2015

人生无所畏‬ & 钱来运转

Ohhaiyo! Let's update what is Sora busy with!:D

2 dramas on hand! -  What dramas? :D

The next year CNY drama - 钱来运转 -思敏‬

 And Of course.....人生无所畏 - #秀燕 !!~

Remember give the warmest support for this 2 dramas - Ep 87 of 人生无所畏 and the next year CNY drama - 钱来运转which will be shown on tv on 19 Jan 9pm onwards! :D 

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Moncler Opening!

Hey all ! it had been a while ~ ~ ~
Let's do some updating to know what does Sora is busy with :)

Recently Sora attend Moncler Shop opening @ Ion Orchard!~

Hair was done by Ryan Yap from Passion  and Make Up is done by Melissa Yeo ~ Photo was taken by Elvin :)  

More photos are in here too ! :

More updates coming up! :D  

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

#Throwback to 118 final roadshow

Hi everyone!! OMG, how long has it been??  Hopefully those who came down for the 118 roadshow were happy, for I sure was!! There was so many people!! Though I know it was a bit of a squeeze but in the end, for Sora, it was worth it, isn't it??

Not to mention, Some of our members even got their CDs signed by Sora!! Wah, so nice, I wished I bought one to let her sign... 

Anyways, do continue supporting Sora in 118, and the next show, hand in hand, this 24 September 2015!! Below are some photos taken on the day itself. Credits to Elvin, our admin for taking them!!
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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Her World Aug !!!~

Hey ya'll! Remember we post this picture on 15 June that something is brewing? :D

And ..... TADA!!! Here is the answer !!~ :D

Her World Mag August Issue featured Sora, Hongling and Bonnie! and here is it! :D
Check out the behind scenes here! :D [ Video credit - herworldplus]

 Do Remember to grab a copy of Her World Magazine August Issue!!!~ :D You can purchase the copy at every newspaper stand and bookstores! :D

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Sunday, 19 July 2015


Ohhaiyo!Sora连同其他3位昨天出席了 [柔佛州饥饿30大联盟] ~~~同学们一个一个好热情啊~~看看以下的图图喔~呵呵呵呵


More photos to be shared XDDDD~~~

And the event ends on yesterday with a big success! :D

and here is the group shot as well! :D

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Father's Day!!

Ohheiyo! How's the weekend ? Tomorrow is Father's Day! ~ ~ Wishing all the daddy's ~~~

Fathers are always special for children
They have the honest influence on life
As the power of their love is strong
Fathers can never go wrong,
Love you !
Happy Happy father's day!

And here ~ we present Sora 's message to all the daddy 's out there! :) 

Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there!!! ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Something is brewing ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey ohaiyo! :) It a brand new week ~ ~ ~ Our dear Sora had been busy filming 118 & Hand in Hand ~ ~ ~ Beside the filming , she also did a shooting with Hong Ling & Bonnie recently ~ ~ Let's share some of the pics from the Celebrity Agency ~ ~ !! ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Photos are credits to The Celebrity Agency and Xueling :) ~ Isn't she is beautiful ? Make up is done by Melissa and Hair is by Louis from Passion Hair Salon & Evon  ~ :D What photoshoot is she doing for ? Let's Stay tuned on Aug ~ ~ ~ ~ Looking forward to it! :D 

而最近也有她的报道 ~~ T___T 因为拍哭戏的关系~~~敬业的她受伤了,眼肿眼皮破~~T__T 心疼惨了~ ~ ~ ~  祝愿Sora早日康复~ <3

That's all for the small little quick update! :)

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

手牵手 ~~

Ohhaiyooooo~ I believe everyone know Sora is involved in the new drama 手牵手[Hand in Hand] which will be debut on 24 September onwards ^_^ And here are some pics and videos that we want to share ~ :)

敬业的Sora...The touching & emotion scenes...awwww ~ T__T ... Are you like us looking forward to watch this drama  too?We are looking forward as well too..  看她在这部戏带来感动内心戏~~~咱们一起期待着 ~ ^^ [Pic credit to Lye Lin] 

Photos credit from Toggle
Get to know more about Sora's role in this drama ~ check it out here - Hand in Hand

Do also check it out the video ~ ~ :) ^_^ She talk about her role in the drama as well :D  -Hand in Hand Media 

So do check it out this drama! :) Hand - in - Hand debuts on 24 September 9pm on Channel 8! :D 

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